The International Moroccan Philharmonic Orchestra International Music Competition will hold a session reserved for cellists from 06 to 11 April 2020.


Candidates for the 2020 Cello Competition must be at least 16 years of age and not yet 30 years of age by April 06, 2020.




1. J.S Bach, 1, 2 or 3 movements of choice

2. Piatti, a Caprice of choice

3. One complete concerto


FINAL - First part

One Concerto to choose from:

            Haydn, Concerto for cello n°1 en ut majeur Hob VIIb 1

            Haydn, Concerto for cello n°1 en ré majeur Hob VIIb 2

A movement of virtuosity for solo cello

FINAL - Second part

One Concerto to choose from:

            Schumann, Concerto for cello en la mineur, opus 129

            Chostakovitch, Concerto for cello n°1 en mi bémol majeur, opus 107

            Tchaïkovski, Variations on a Rococo Theme, opus 33

            Dvorák, Concerto for cello n°2 en si mineur, opus 104



1. The Competition is open to candidates of all nationalities, at least 16 years of age, who have not yet reached the age of 30 (born after 05 april 1990 and before 06 april 2004).


2. All entries must be submitted using the registration form available on the Contest website www.opmcompetition.ma


3. Applications must be sent before february 29, 2020

4. Candidature files must include:

- a copy of identity document (passport or identity card)

- a recent, high-resolution photograph

- a biography in French and / or in English (in Word format)

- a pre-selection video of professional quality, uploaded on the Youtube or Vimeo platform

- the payment of registration fees of 1000 Dhs (around 100€) which will not be returned in any cas


5. The nomination files will be examined by the Contest management. Once the administrative file has been accepted by the management, it will be sent to the artistic commission and examined to establish the list of the 4 selected candidates

6. Once the pre-selection videos have been screened by the Screening Board, the response to the acceptance of the applications will be given on march 10, 2020.


7. By entering the Contest, the candidates agree with these rules.

8. By entering the Contest, entrants undertake to participate in all events, ceremonies and concerts for which they will be nominated by the jury or the contest management.

9. In the event of non-respect of one of the rules and conditions of participation, the faulty candidate is exposed to a disqualification without appeal.

10. A candidate who is unable to perform at the required time will be disqualified, unless he / she justifies his / her absence in advance with the Competition Management who may then modify, at his / her discretion, the order of the candidates.

11. The candidate must interpret all his memory program, with the exception of works composed after 1950, after application to the Contest Committee.

12. Candidates are required to release, in favor of the Contest, all rights of capture, distribution and registration of any order as well as rights of continuation and this, for an indefinite period. By completing the official registration form, candidates consent to subsequent uses of the registration of their service (s).

13. Accommodation

Homestay accommodation is offered free of charge to applicants who wish to do so.

Host families can not accommodate family members of applicants.

14. Travel expenses

The 3 finalist candidates will be reimbursed their travel expenses (a return trip to Morocco), upon presentation of supporting documents, and up to a maximum of 300 euros.


15. Calendar of events

February 29, 2020              Deadline for sending applications
March 10, 2020                  Announcement date of the selected candidates
April 3, 2020                       Arrival of the candidates and draw
April 06 and 07, 2020         Final 1 st round
April 10 and 11, 2020         Final 2 nd round

April 11 and 12, 2020         Gala concerts and awards ceremony



16. The preselection takes place by video, by an international jury appointed by the competition management.

17. Videos must have been completed within 18 months of the registration deadline. The videos must be made without any editing (so without cuts).

On the image, the face of the candidate must be visible at all times, the plan must be fixed and the microphones must be placed at a distance allowing a good sound quality.

18. Preselection Program:

          J.S Bach, 1, 2 or 3 movements of choice

          Piatti, a Caprice of choice

          One complete concerto

First Stage - Recital

19. 04 candidates are selected for this stage.

20. The final stages are accompanied with Morocco Philharmonic Orchestra.

The test is preceded by a rehearsal the day before, and a dress rehearsal the same day.

21. Musical program for the 1 st part of the final:

The candidate chooses a concerto from the list below:

                   Haydn, Concerto for cello n°1 en ut majeur Hob VIIb 1

                   Haydn, Concerto for cello n°1 en ré majeur Hob VIIb 2

          22. Musical program for the second part of the final:

          The candidate chooses a concerto from the list below:


                   Schumann, Concerto for cello en la mineur, opus 129

                   Chostakovitch, Concerto for cello n°1 en mi bémol majeur, opus 107

                   Tchaïkovski, Variations on a Rococo Theme, opus 33

                   Dvorák, Concerto for cello n°2 en si mineur, opus 104


23. The purpose of the draw is to determine the order in which the candidates will pass.

24. Candidates are required to attend the draw. If a reason of force majeure prevents a candidate from attending, he must justify himself, and will be represented by a candidate of his choice, or by a member of the administration of the contest.



25. The jury of the Competition is sovereign, and is appointed by the Contest Direction.

26. Jury members may not vote for a candidate of whom they are, or have been, the professor. Is considered to be a "student" the one who has taken at least 5 lessons with the teacher.

27. The jury will be announced a few weeks before the competition.

28. Each member of the jury will provide the Competition Secretariat with a signed statement identifying candidates who are, or have been, their student.

29. Each candidate will submit to the Competition Secretariat a signed declaration, designating the members of the jury who are, or have been, their professor.


30. Preselection process

Members of the jury signify by secret ballot, if "YES" or "NO", they wish to see this candidate in the final stage. The ranking of the candidates will be fixed by the number of "YES".

31. Final stages

          The members of the jury give on a secret ballot, the name of the candidate to whom he wants to award each of the              prizes

          After the total number of votes, the candidates receiving the most votes are awarded the prize.

In the case of a tie, the President of the Jury could decide to award the same prize twice.



32. Any discussion of candidates is prohibited between the members of the jury.

33. The counting of ballot papers is carried out by the competition's secretariat


34. The Prizes awarded will be as follows:

                                          First Prize: 5,000 Euros
                                          Haydn Prize: 2,000 Euros
                                          Grand Concerto Prize: 2,000 Euros
                                          Audience Award
                                          Prize of the Moroccan Philharmonic Orchestra

35. The Executive Committee of the Competition has the possibility to accept other donations, scholarships and concert offers for the benefit of the candidates and laureates.